Glamping & Road Trips 2021

Its no secret that covid-19 has destroyed a whole years’ worth of travel. Oh how I miss being bumped into at the airport or rushing to the gate late for my flight. I haven’t stood at the luggage carousel and asked “Hey, where’s my bag ?” in quite some time. Many avid travelers like myself suffer from a horrible condition now called “cabin fever” but, I find there is always a loophole. The travel industry is slowing picking back up and if you’re like me you couldn’t be more excited. But what’s trending? How can you stay safe and travel during a pandemic? And a better question, where can I travel?

Road trips are definitely the “it” thing to do these days since we are limited to where we can go (thanks covid). Social distancing is in full effect and international trips come with limitations. Plus the endless use of gloves, hand sanitizer, and masks. Now is a great time to visit our great nations beautiful national parks like Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon, or Yosemite. Visit America’s National Park Service for a full listing and open/closure details. There are a number of secluded locations of campsites from if you would like to have a different kind of experience. If you have sworn off hotel stays, then an RV might be a better option. RV’s can be rented from companies like Cruise America or RV Share with rates about as much as a standard hotel room anywhere from $89 to $250 daily.

Now if you are dead set on international travel, this is a great reference from Travel + Leisure which breaks down recommended countries of where Americans can travel and also the latest covid 19 requirements. Another great perk with international and domestic flights is that many airlines such as American, United, and Delta are waiving change fees should you change your mind or in my case, if you’re required to quarantine for two weeks. Emirates is also in the works to add a new premium economy cabin to its flights and is offering reduced fares for multiple international destinations.

Another great “Trending” alternative would be a good ole’ yacht charter. Floridian and Caribbean yacht charters are definitely on the rise since the pandemic and they are a great option to escape and avoid hotels. Luxury Yacht Charters is one of the top rated charter yacht providers that can definitely accommodate couples, families, or large groups. But be prepared to pay a pretty penny for their top notch service.

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